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The mixed record of McAuliffe 'deal-closing' grants

The Roanoke Times 18 Oct 2021
When Democrat Terry McAuliffe took office, the “dealmaker-in-chief” made enthusiastic use of a deal-closing fund at the disposal of Virginia governors to woo companies to bring their jobs and business to the state ... According to the VEDP, the company went bankrupt, and ongoing efforts to recoup the money have not been successful.

5 Ways to Invest in Meme Stocks More Safely

Auburnpub dot com 18 Oct 2021
1 ... Cannabis company announces plans for facility in Auburn Auburn police seek witnesses to 'possible' shooting incident Cayuga County pharmacist says Kinney fired her over COVID-19 vaccine Cayuga County-area police blotter. Oct ... When you invest in a stock, the worst-case scenario is that the company goes bankrupt and you lose 100% of your investment ... .

Feature: The "Iron Lady" playing concerto of rejuvenation with passion

Sina 18 Oct 2021
18 (Xinhua) -- After putting all her savings plus bank loans into the purchase of her former employer, a piano company, Zhang Xiaowen refused to think of the result if her business fails ... "When there are orders, there is hope," said Zhang, who is now chairwoman of the company ... The company stopped production in 2011 and went bankrupt later.

Chinese Regime’s State Media Target Private Banks

The Epoch Times 17 Oct 2021
Recently, a number of private real estate companies in mainland China went bankrupt, and Chinese state media blamed the problem on illegal loans by private banks.

The first Ballardvale Day held in Andover

Eagle-Tribune 17 Oct 2021
If it was 1880 in Andover and you wanted to party, Pole Hill in Ballardvale was the place to be. “This was a rowdy place,” said Jane Cairns, president of the Andover Trails Board, who led a hike through the conserved town property on Saturday, Oct. 16 ... But Marland went bankrupt in 1857, leaving his company in the hands of its treasurer, J.P ... .

The next global economic emergency? Deepening debt in the developing world

The Observer 17 Oct 2021
A global pandemic. Rising inflation ... The question is how to do this in the absence of a sovereign debt restructuring mechanism (SDRM) that would allow countries to declare themselves bankrupt. Over the years, advocates of a SDRM have noted that companies have a legal way to rid themselves of unsustainable debts but nation states do not ... .

Explained here why Johnson & Johnson is setting a $2 billion trust

Invezz 15 Oct 2021
The company hopes the action will help push a personal injury claims settlement ... Andy Birchfield, an injury attorney in the talc claims against the company, said. ... According to the Wall Street Journal, the company will cover the amounts the court will determine are owed by the bankrupt partners, and J&J will set a $2 billion trust for this purpose.

Cryptocurrency: A New and Dangerous Climate Disruptor

Resilience 15 Oct 2021
Journalist Peter Mantius, who runs the Finger Lakes’ only news organization devoted to environmental issues, revealed in July 2021 that Atlas Holdings is planning to open a second bitcoin mining operation in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in a bankrupt printing plant, and another company has sights on one in Paducah, Kentucky.

TerraForm sues Orrick, Cleary over $2.4 bln First Wind deal

Reuters 15 Oct 2021
The company and law firm names shown above are generated automatically based on the text of the article ... Terraform sued Orrick and Clearly for malpractice on Wednesday, saying that the firms' inclusion of the word “buyers” in one of the contract provisions made the company liable for the remaining payments after SunEdison went bankrupt.

Lawmakers warned of risks from aging offshore infrastructure

Roll Call 15 Oct 2021
Democrats have various proposals aimed at holding companies accountable for cleaning up their operations in the event of accidental spills or abandonment. They worry about companies dumping old infrastructure on shell companies that are then allowed to go bankrupt.

Harrison Ford replaced by Tommy Lee Jones in Amazon’s upcoming film The Burial

Metro UK 14 Oct 2021
The 1999 article charted the contractual dispute brought against funeral home executive Ray Loewen by Mississippi businessman Jeremiah O’Keefe, who was awarded a total of $500million (£366m) by the jury, which would bankrupt the former’s company.

Bill introduced in Congress to end executive bonuses in bankruptcy

Reuters 14 Oct 2021
The report, which she commissioned, also found $207 million in incentive bonuses were authorized for 309 executives across 47 companies during their bankruptcies ... Senate aimed at curbing certain corporate bankruptcy practices on a broader level, including legal protections for a bankrupt company’s officers and directors, have also been proposed.

Israel will pay dearly for China's investments - opinion

The Jerusalem Post 14 Oct 2021
Included in the initiative has been financing of infrastructure projects in less developed countries, with the financing tied to the contracts being issued to Chinese companies (usually government owned) ... Either the domestic company exits that particular market or goes bankrupt.

The Men Who Are Killing America’s Newspapers

The Atlantic 14 Oct 2021
... shell companies ... Smith & Company ... He believes there’s serious money to be made in buying troubled companies, steering them into bankruptcy, and then selling them off in parts ... He scores big with a bankrupt aerospace manufacturer, and again with a Dallas-based drilling company.

Facebook’s global outage is the real supply chain threat

The Real News Network 14 Oct 2021
And so many places where it often does go wrong, and very delicate systems, and companies that own these things go bankrupt and have problems and they lobby for legislation, and it’s all a very large, very contingent system that I think we take for granted in ways that are really weird ... Let’s not mess with those companies.